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Chad E. Welke, P.E., P.G., C.E.G.,                 Principal Geologist/Engineer

♦     Credentials:  An essential part of any geologic and soils consulting firm is to have properly credentialed and experienced individuals.  Our firm capitalizes on one of the most highly credentialed individuals in the soils consulting industry.  The company founder is distinguished by having multiple professional registrations required by the state and local government agencies.

♦     Published Geologist: Occupancy Categories for Structural Mitigation of Sympathetic Faults, Environmental & Engineering Geoscience Journal, May 2011 issue.

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A multitude of possibilities exist when designing structures near potential surface fault rupture. The following Occupancy Category methodology could be used to supplement the existing requirements of the Alquist-Priolo Act (Hart and Bryant, 1997). The Alquist-Priolo Act current...




With over 20 years of engineering geology and soils engineering consulting experience throughout Arizona and California, Mr. Welke has done everything from laboratory testing to large scale public works projects.  He has mentored and supervised geologic/engineering staff during exploration, construction, and report production on large and small scale projects.  His diverse project experience has included consulting for various governmental agencies, infrastructure, commercial developments, transportation projects, and private sectors. 


Expertise include incorporating shallow and deep foundation design, third party review, earth retaining structure design, pavement design, landslide stabilization, rock rippability, rock fall hazard evaluation, earth and rock slope stability evaluation/stabilization, and forensic studies.




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♦  Simultaneously increase quality and reduce costs by implementing common sense innovation.

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