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Geotechnical and geologic Engineering consultants


Soils, Rock, & Foundation Engineering


Prior to Purchase Feasibility

Value Engineering

Geotechnical Report Preparation

Field Exploration

Foundation Engineering

Engineering Geology

Laboratory Testing

Alquist-Priolo Fault Evaluation

Percolation Testing

Hydraulic Conductivity

Permeameter Testing

Stormwater Infiltration

Landslide Hazards

Slope Stability Assessment

Seismic Design

Rockfall Analysis

Debris Flow Hazards

Geosynthetic Design

Rippability Studies

Liquefaction Hazards

Settlement Potential

Piles & Caissons

Dewatering Recommendations

Grading Recommendations

Retaining Wall Design

Segmental Retaining Walls

Tieback and Soil Nail Design

Rock Slope Stability

Asphaltic Concrete Pavement Design

Portland Cement Pavement Design

Field & Laboratory Resistivity Testing

Thermal Resistivity Testing

Corrosion Testing

Public Works Improvements

Groundwater Monitoring

Forensic Third Party Review

Foundation Distress Study

Manometer Survey

Expert Witness




Soil Stabilization

Consultation and Monitoring


Grading Consultation and Testing

Rough Grading Plan Review

Compaction Testing and Observations

Complete Laboratory Testing

Rough Grade Report Preparation


Construction Monitoring and Testing

Materials Testing

Foundation Inspections

Sewer, Water, and Joint Utility Trench Backfill Testing

Street Subgrade, Aggregate Base, and Asphaltic Concrete




Landslide Profile

Third Party Review

 Should complications arise, CW Soils can get your project back on stable ground.


Construction Snapshots

CW Soils is highly cost competitive and well suited to provide consultation and monitoring services for projects ranging from your family's dream home building pad to power plant infrastructure.

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CPV Project